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I just ate WAY too many Lucky was just a bowl full but it feels like I ate the whole box. I am too full now...

I have to really get some pictures taken soon...if I wait too much longer, there will be no pictures of me in my last few weeks. I'll make Adam play photographer when he gets home from work. Since we rearranged the living room/dining room on Wednesday, we can put up pictures of that, too! We had to get the 2nd kitty tree out of the baby's room...didn't want the cats to surprise him with a jump from the 3rd shelf of the tree into the crib some night! So now our spoiled cats have TWO kitty trees in the living room! But our apartment looks SO much bigger now.

We really need to get those baby clothes organized, too! Why is it that I keep waiting for them to fold and organize themselves? *sigh* I feel so lazy this week it's unbelievable. I woke up this morning and decided to just lay in bed and look at the ceiling for about 45 min…