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Cool play doh

Elijah is napping right now but he wanted me to post these pictures for you:

He was so excited that he drooled graham cracker on his chin, as evidenced in the final picture!

Thanks, Caitlin! I promised Eli we would test it out after his nap. We'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and by the way, I almost didn't open the package! It was super bulky and I didn't recognize the return address. I was trying to figure out what it could possibly be. Since it wasn't ticking, I decided it should be safe!

Kitchen helper

Elijah was having one of those nights...he really just wanted me to sit on the couch and hold him. Unfortunately, I was really trying to make dinner so Adam had some good food to eat when he gets home tonight. Elijah wouldn't let go of my legs so I gave in...and took the child lock off the cabinet with all the Tupperware-type stuff. So here is Elijah helping me cook dinner tonight:

He even took his chair down the hall to mom and dad's bedroom! What a helper! OK, seriously, I don't know WHAT was up with dragging the chair down the hall but I told him it was a good idea. Besides between "reorganizing" the cabinet for me and "rearranging" furniture, he was happier than our cats with catnip!