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SOOOOOO, I went to Caitlin's website and ran my name through that search thingee...tried to post my results and it was all screwy. Sorry...there are apparenty 2192 Sandra Clark's in the US. I'm not surprised actually...our new apartment manager ran our names as a credit check and there are some pretty bad women named Sandra Clark...they get evicted and drive army tanks or something like that!

On the other hand, there are only 33 Sandra Guenther's. We were a rare breed, and I have contributed to their extinction I think!

You know what kind of surprised me? My married name is more common than Adam's. Crazy...

My baby is still sound asleep and it is almost 8:30am! Yeah, it sounds really good until I tell you that he was WIDE AWAKE from about 2:50am until 4am! Seriously...bug-eyed awake, staring at me, babbling away! I mean, I enjoyed his company for about the first 25 minutes and then I was like "Ok, you need to go back to sleep so I can go back to sleep too!"…