Teagan Riley Clark

So this is the birth story. I've been taking my time posting it because I really wanted to be sure I had the details correct since everything happened so crazy fast! Let's back up just a bit so I can tell you how this birth story began years ago...six and a half years ago to be exact. Fair warning...this story is LONG!

My birth story with Eli is not one I like to share too often. Don't get me wrong: ultimately, my son was born, he is alive and healthy and his method of delivery into the world shouldn't get my undies in a bunch. However, so much happened that made me feel powerless and even helpless; so much happened that made both Adam and I "grow up" and see just how much modern medicine can influence decisions; so much happened that we look back at and say "if we knew then what we know now, things would have been different". Let me give you Eli's birth and background in a a "brief" summary: (If you know the story or just want the hap…

Light up the Sky

Tonight, Eli and I were driving home from a "get together' with my small group from church...Eli was super sleepy (played hard with his friends and hunted for Easter eggs!) and he was falling asleep in the back seat. I kept trying to talk to him to make our short, 15 minute drive home pass by more quickly but he was fading fast...and I was feeling a bit defeated, alone and sad. Suddenly, I noticed lightening in the sky and heard thunder. I watched again, and even though it was only about 7pm, the slightly darkened sky definitely showed signs of a thunderstorm. 
As I exhaled and just prayed for a bit of peace for my troubled heart, I realized something. I realized that God shows Himself to us in many different ways...including thunderstorms. I remember as a child hearing that thunder was just "the angels bowling" or some other comforting description of an otherwise frightening sound for a child. Even as a child, this analogy made me think about how powerful God really…

Running with birds...

Have you ever stopped to watch a large bird soaring above you in the sky? I don't mean casually looking up and thinking "oh hey, look at the bird flying"; I mean really watching the act of soaring? Today I became totally engrossed in it...completely intrigued. I was out for a long run and happened to notice a group of 4 large birds above me, soaring. I couldn't avert my eyes because the longer I watched, the more beautiful it became. They looked so graceful, and their movements seemed so effortless. They just left their wings out wide and soared above me in the blue sky, and it seemed so peaceful. Soon, they were out of my sight and I started running again, which I'm fairly certain did not look nearly as beautiful as the soaring birds!

As I was running, I started to think about Isaiah 40:31 -

"But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint" (…

School days

Hard to believe how big he is year is kindergarten!

New preschool for him this year but it doesn't seem to be phasing him. I think I was more worked up over the school change than he was! He just really likes going to school. I'm so glad he has the opportunity to attend a good school, and that he enjoys it so much. I always liked school and I think the experiences I had and the knowledge that I gained from my school years are so valuable to me...I hope Eli continues to enjoy school!

Field trip - Jacobson Bear Creek Park

I had planned this as a late morning trip to a park we hadn't been to yet. On the agenda was a picnic lunch, followed by a walk to explore the trails in the small wooded area. Eli had other plans in mind, I guess! Let's recap through some pictures, shall we?

Eli took this picture on the way to the park. He is enamored by our town's water tower...thinks it's pretty cool.

Entrance to the park
"Mom, can I run over there before lunch?" Yup!

"Mom, can I stand on the table before lunch?" Sure, why not?!

Just a few pictures from around the picnic tables.

 Yummy lunch...string cheese, grapes, hard-boiled eggs, apples, PBJ (sans crust, of course) for Eli
AND Diet Coke for me, of course :-P

"Mom, why do we eat celery with peanut butter?" "MOM, this is really crunchy and tasty!" Those were his actual words...little goof!
So, we finished lunch and began our walk into the wooded area. Eli was talking my ear off the entire time about bugs, squirrels and …