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Here are a few pics from tonight...

Notice my poor baby is upside down... this one too!

But he's soooooo happy in this one...and SO big!

Yeah, Dad looks kinda drugged but he's not...and look at the good smile from Elijah! He sure loves his Dad!!!!

So here's the scoop on OB isn't real happy with my blood pressure. He thinks it was still too high yesterday (Wednesday) when it was about 140 over 90. He said I needed to see my regular family doc because by now, if it were pregnancy or post-pregnancy related, it would be done. So I saw my GP today...well, he's not the GP I chose but he's the one I'm stuck with. My GP left to move to Illinois or something like that. So Dr. Mathew is the new dude, and he isn't concerned, even tho today I was like 125 over 90. I told him this is WAY high for me but whatever...I'm just that patient, right? So we talked about stuff, like the headaches I have and so forth. So this is the dork's diagnosis...I have…