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I had an awful run today. Yesterday I noticed I had a blister on my left heel...I got it while walking with my son in his stroller. I had my running shoes on...shouldn't have developed a blister but I did. Anyway, I did what I always do for blisters...popped it carefully, drained it and covered it with a band-aid and moleskin. I took extra moleskin on my run, just in case I needed it. I did...and it didn't help. My heel hurts so much now that I'm just irritated by it. I noticed a blister under my big toe on my right foot after my run today, too. My shoes are about 400 miles in...break in period is over and they are definitely not ready for retirement yet! At least I don't think they are. I've had some issues overall since getting these shoes...shin pain, calf pain, now blisters. Maybe they just aren't the correct shoe for me. I really need to go have myself analyzed at a good shoe store sometime.

Anyway, I was about 4 miles into my 5.5 mile run today when the dr…