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Baby Clark is due in June 2010!!

So my goals have changed for a little while...instead of focusing on increasing my mileage and losing weight, I'm going to focus on gaining the RIGHT amount of weight this time around (NOT 60 pounds like last time!) and maintaining my fitness level throughout the pregnancy.

The first weeks have been a bit of a challenge. I've been pretty nauseous and very tired...motivating myself to run has been a challenge. But when I do get those runs in, I feel SO much better. My first appointment isn't until December 15th, when I'll be about 13 weeks. I'm hoping this time I won't have to have a c-section, either...I hope that by continuing to exercise (something I did NOT do the first time!) I will stay more fit and perhaps avoid surgery.

So this is going to be a new experience for me...running while pregnant! I'm looking forward to it!
He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.

Revelation 21:4
Rushing Wind

Rushing wind blow through this temple,

Blowing out the dust within,

Come and breathe your breath upon me,

I've been born again.

Holy Spirit, I surrender, take me where you want to go,

Plant me by your living water,

Plant me deep so I can grow.

Jesus, you’re the one, who sets my spirit free,

Use me Lord, glorify, your Holy Name through me.

Separate me from this world Lord.

Sanctify my life for you.

Daily change me to your image,

Help me bear good fruit.

Every day you're drawing closer.

Trials come to test my faith.

But when all is said and done Lord,

You know, it was worth the wait.

Jesus, you’re the one, who set my spirit free,

Use me Lord, glorify, your Holy Name through me.

Rushing wind blow through this temple,

Blowing out the dust within,

Come and breathe your breath upon me,

For I've been born again.

Bad Back

I somehow put out my back...woke up yesterday and could hardly walk. I was SO hoping it would be better today...for my 9 miler. Nope...still having bad muscle spasms and lower back pain.

I'm frustrated. I haven't had any back issues since about 3 years ago. I thought this was over.

I'm frustrated because NOW I have missed 2 runs this week. I know I have to heal...and I know that I can't run like this (that would be quite the sight, I'm sure!). But I'm restless now.

And I'm frustrated because I have no idea what I did to aggravate an old problem. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...


I had an awful run today. Yesterday I noticed I had a blister on my left heel...I got it while walking with my son in his stroller. I had my running shoes on...shouldn't have developed a blister but I did. Anyway, I did what I always do for blisters...popped it carefully, drained it and covered it with a band-aid and moleskin. I took extra moleskin on my run, just in case I needed it. I did...and it didn't help. My heel hurts so much now that I'm just irritated by it. I noticed a blister under my big toe on my right foot after my run today, too. My shoes are about 400 miles in...break in period is over and they are definitely not ready for retirement yet! At least I don't think they are. I've had some issues overall since getting these shoes...shin pain, calf pain, now blisters. Maybe they just aren't the correct shoe for me. I really need to go have myself analyzed at a good shoe store sometime.

Anyway, I was about 4 miles into my 5.5 mile run today when the dr…

stupid weight plateau

I just can't seem to lose any more weight. It is extremely frustrating. Don't get me's important to me that I'm healthy, and I love running and eating healthy. But my clothing supply is rather limited right now. Ever since one pair of jeans developed a rather large hole in the knee, I have ONE pair of jeans that fit. One... *sigh* And none of my pre-pregnancy shirts fit me anymore because my boobs just won't shrink anymore. So I have essentially t-shirts to wear...every day.

I just don't know what else to do. I know eventually my body will break this plateau but, well...summer is fast approaching and I really need to fit into more clothes.

This is all very frustrating...

aching shins

I have shin splints...for the first time in MONTHS! I should have known better...I decided to do some trail running the past two days. On Wednesday I did 6 miles and yesterday I did just over 5 miles. My legs are screaming at me right now. I overdid it...I just got so excited because the weather was so nice and I wanted to run outside as much as possible while my Adam was off from work. Ugh...I'm suffering today! I really, really want to go running today but I think I'm going to have to force myself to wait. With the walking/pushing the stroller I did today I think THAT with some stretching is about the extent of my training!

over a year...

It's been over a year of trying to get pregnant. It's been a year of semi-craziness on my part...waking up every morning and taking my temperature, charting signs and symptoms, and hoping, every month, that we would be pregnant. And every month that dream was shattered. Some months were harder than others...the months where I was really late and thought FOR SURE it HAD to be this month that it worked! Nope.

I told Adam that I was just going to stop thinking about it. I can't. I won't lie to myself. I want more children. I will still think about it...probably not as much but I'd be silly to say I'm just going to stand idly by and hope for the best.

It is in God's hands...this much I know. I can't plan it...but I was hoping I could maybe "help it along" a little. I guess not. My help wasn't needed in that area!

Who would have thought that it would be so difficult to get pregnant when you really want to have a baby? I mean, I know there are plen…

Happy Valentine's Day

Good news - my thyroid is fine. Bad news - my thyroid is fine.

I am glad that my tests came back normal. But I still feel completely wiped out. And the other symptoms I'm experiencing still need to have an explanation. I pushed through all my workouts this week, and I have another one today. It should be a 5 mile long run but lately I've been beat after 3.5 miles. So we'll see...I'm going to do as much as I can. Once you hit a wall, though, that's it.

Elijah is sick this weekend, too, and Adam isn't home from being on the road. Kind of feels like a weekend that I'd rather spend in bed!
Today was a good work out, considering...

The past two months I have been struggling to actually WANT to run. I have been so exhausted. I just can't seem to sleep enough. I've also gained a little weight, despite running the same amount of miles (or slightly more) and eating the same amount of calories. I am always cold, my hair has been falling out, I'm very susceptible to illness and constantly have terrible overall body aches. All these symptoms have led me to the doctor finally to have my thyroid checked. I won't get the results until Thursday. Part of me really hopes they say "Yup, your thyroid is under-active...take some meds and you'll be fine". It would explain all the above symptoms (plus the others...I'm a wreck!). And it would be nice to be able to explain it. But there's a part of me that just doesn't want a lifelong condition. I know that I'll still be able to run with it...but I'm just sort of hoping I'm okay. I don…


Something is wrong with my leg. Well, maybe not "wrong" but definitely "not right"! I have this constant pain localized about mid shin, but the pain actually goes more into my calf. It's NOT shin splints...I get those enough that I know what that pain feels like. This is a muscle issue (I think). Yesterday after running and showering, I noticed a large knot in the muscle. I iced it and took some ibuprofen. The knot shrunk but it is still so sore today.

I'm super frustrated lately. When I first started running again last year, it was going so well. I made improvements daily and never suffered with silly pain like this. This year has just been a challenge for me. I love running so much and it really frustrates me when I can't do it. I'd really like to invest in an exercise bike so I can cross train a little more. It's just tough in the winter months...I can't very well exercise outside in -20 degree windchills! And I don't want to take the …
Today I actually felt like this cold is going to be gone soon. The head congestion has pretty much lifted and the cough/chest congestion is almost gone as well. I can tell it wiped me out because I tried to push myself a little on the treadmill today and realized how quickly I got tired. But I made it through 3.5 good miles...I was hoping to do 4 but 3.5 good miles will do.

One thing I really need to focus on again is nutrition. When my weight plateaued a about 3 months ago, I stupidly tried to lower my carbs and up my protein. Yeah, it worked but I had NO energy after about 2 weeks. It was weird. The first two weeks I felt amazing and felt like I could run forever. Then I just crashed. That whole diet plan went out the window pretty quickly. Now, I'm pretty much back on track; however, I'm still kind of low on the carbs and overall calories. Most days I really have a tough time getting in enough calories...and then I wonder why I feel so tired! It's not really intentional.…

feeling down

Times like this make me really tired. It's not that things are so bad that it's unbearable. It's more that everything that's happening is so out of my control that I feel useless. I can try to fix as much as possible but there is only so much I can do. After all, it's not my fault that landlord was a jerk and decided not to rent to us...I'm actually glad we found out what he was really like BEFORE we moved in. But now I'm back to square one...find a place to live. I guess it's better...maybe we can plan for March and hopefully the weather will be a little less, well, cold!

Then my dad. My dad doesn't get sick. What is going on? In a way, I'm glad I'm NOT there to see him hooked up to a respirator. But I'm here...I'd like to think my family needs me. But they seem to be all right without me there. Like I said before...useless.

I'm just mopey today. I hope the little road trip Eli and I have planned will help me feel better. I don…