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So I have three basic rules when it comes to certain necessities in my life:
1. No generic aluminum never works as well and I end up wasting money.
2. No generic toilet paper...I don't enjoy the feeling of sandpaper-like tissue anywhere.
3. No generic tampons...sorry if that's TMI but I feel strongly about it!

Other than those three, I'm pretty much open to generics. I believe that generic prescriptions work just as well and I take advantage of the fact that they are cheaper. I have no shame in buying store brand products (except, of course, for those listed above) when I think they taste/function the same as a brand name. Sometimes it just makes sense.

I broke my rule #2 recently. Money is tight and when I shop, I find myself counting every penny and searching for the best deal before I go to a store. So when I recently went to Target to buy diapers, cat food, cat litter and toilet paper, I went there because all were listed in the weekly store ad as …