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In Pennsylvania!

Well, we pulled off the secret! After a long delay in our flight out of Milwaukee, and then having to wait for my luggage due to "ramp construction" at Baltimore's airport, I arrived at the house of my older sister Linda on Wednesday...pulled up to her house in a Lincoln Town Car and called her house.....ME : "What are you doing?"HER: "Eating lunch with the kids; why?"ME: "You should look out your window..."HER: "Why? Who's here?" pause...She sees me and screams!Excellent! Then, my younger sister Nicole FINALLY arrives (I remember how long it took me to do things when I was pregnant!) She cried...happy, of course.So yes, we are in Pennsylvania...Elijah and I, that is. He has taken quite some time to adjust...we've had a few temper tantrums and 2 major meltdowns but other than that, he's been a champ. He's enjoying the time with his cousins here...he's taken quite the liking to Calvin. I have some cute video foot…