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My day in pictures

This is today:

Our neighbor, , hurt his back , and is off work, and cannot help remove snow. No one else upstairs knows how to make a shovel work. So it is on us this time. No big deal...Adam is working and the baby is sleeping so this was me two hours ago:

I didn't mind at was good exercise. I didn't mind until I looked outside and saw the following in my front yard:

None of the neighborhood children had to go to
today and they all used OUR HILL for their fun.
There was snow all over sidewalks, etc.

It was OK. After all, it was/is still .

So, about 45 minutes ago, I
again...trying to stay ahead of the elements. It is supposed to get cold tonight and turn icy.

I was warming up, and just looked out the window:


Now, this is me: