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6 month check up

Elijah had his 6 month well-baby appointment this morning. He was such a little trooper ... he must have a pretty good memory for that clinic, tho. As soon as I put him on the scale to be weighed, the bottom pout lip came out, started quivering and he began his high-pitched wailing. He got so worked up that he pooped! It was actually pretty funny. His doctor said he's doing just fine; we thought he might be coming down with something the past couple days because he was running a little fever and has the sniffles pretty bad. Doctor checked him out tho and said it's not anything serious...just a little cold. Thank goodness.

So here's the stuff that you wanna really know...

Length : 25.5 inches -- he grew 2.25 inches since his last appointment! Still only in about the 15th percentile for length though.

Weight : 15 pounds, 13 ounces which is 25th percentile.

Head : 43.5 cm...50TH PERCENTILE! So we have a baby with a big melon! Well, just big in proportion to himself I guess! M…