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So Elijah is awesome...he has been taking his first steps on his own lately, usually when I'm home alone with him. If we try to make him walk TO us, or WITH us, he won't do it. He gets all mad and sits down. But he'll do it when he's standing next to stuff on HIS own terms...stubborn baby!

Anyway, tonight we were over at my mom and dad's house doing laundry. Right before we were going to leave to come home, he took FOUR steps all by himself...and now I have witnesses! Then, to make it even better, he took FOUR more steps all by himself again! I'm such a proud mom right now. We moved just in time. Our last place only had 2 bedrooms so I had to block off the kitchen (kept the kitty dishes in there) and the bedrooms (cats needed to escape somewhere) with baby gates. So Elijah really had no where to walk except the living room. Here, we just close the bathroom door and put a gate up in the kitty-room doorway. He has so much room to roam. I have a feeling he'll…