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I got several requests from my sister to post some new pictures. I had to search our camera for some good pictures because Elijah doesn't like to sit still anymore! Most of our pictures are when he's in his high chair...but I did manage to find some cute ones. So here goes...

First are a couple from his time in his Johnny Jump-Up...he really just figured out that he's supposed to jump, not spin around! By the look on his face in the 2nd picture, you'd think he was jumping for hours!

...and what are YOU looking at???


These, believe it or not, were taken by Adam! They are very fitting, however. Our son likes his bananas...eats between 3 and 4 a day. I think he'd eat all of them if I let him! When we go grocery shopping, he squeals when he sees me put bananas in the cart!

Excuse the blurriness in the last one...but it was too funny for me NOT to post!

And finally, a few from today. I wish I could figure out what he's trying to tell me sometimes...he seems very det…