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Have you ever had one of those days when you're driving home with your husband and son from a fun afternoon which included shopping and dinner? Yeah, it was a good afternoon...we were chatting as I drove north on Duff Avenue. I heard an odd tapping noise coming from my car and turned the radio down, asking Adam if he heard the noise. Well, by the time we stopped at a red light in front of Target, I was JUST about to turn to Adam and tell him that I was going to pull over to see if he could hear the noise when he was driving. There was this CRAZY noise...and for a brief moment I thought someone had hit the car. But then I heard Adam say "Get down!" and he grabbed my head and pushed it down. I eventually looked behind me and realized the the back door window on the driver's side was just totally shattered. My well-meaning husband starting telling me to pull over and just drive but, well, I was sandwiched among many other cars stopped at the same red light! So once it t…
Just now, Elijah made me smile and he doesn't even know it. He just went to bed about ten minutes ago. Before he went to bed, we spent some time practicing "listening", which has been a little difficult for him lately. I first asked him to put the trains away in the green bin, which he did very well...he even put the lid back on. Then I asked him to pick his cars up and put them away...which he did (but I didn't see where just yet). He then went to the gate and said "gate down? Eli bed!" I was impressed. So we went down the hall to his bedroom, he turned his radio on and we said prayers and he got into bed for the night. Excellent. I cleaned cat boxes, took our trash out and sat down to relax for the night. And this is what I saw when I sat down:

He sure did put his cars away! But wait...check this out:

Those cars are fairly evenly spaced! I'm so proud! My kid rocks!
Here are some pictures of Elijah for you to enjoy:

Playing the piano (makes me so proud!)

Not sure where this picture came from (Adam?) but I think he looks pretty tough!

He loves Uncle Jeffrey's car...

and the speed racer helmet!

Riding the airplane...

and the tricycle. He can almost pedal by himself but his legs need to be just a tad longer!

He was intrigued with this tree the whole time we were outside today.

Look Ma...a stick!

He was hitting leaves with his stick.

And then decided to run with his stick...we stopped that game pretty quickly!

Just some random shots that I took before:

Somebody is SO ready for his nap!

That's it for now...the battery in my camera is dead so I need to charge it for awhile.


Rushing Wind ~ Keith Green

Rushing wind blow through this temple,
Blowing out the dust within;
Come and breathe you breath upon me,
I've been born again.

Holy Spirit, I surrender,
Take me where you want to go;
Plant me by your living water,
Plant me deep so I can grow.

Jesus, you're the one, who set my spirit free,
Use me Lord, glorify, your holy name through me.

Separate me from this world, Lord,
Sanctify my life for you.;
Daily change me to your image,
Help me bear good fruit.

Every day you're drawing closer,
Trials come to test my faith;
But when all is said and done, Lord,
You know, it's been worth the wait.

Jesus, you're the one, who set my spirit free,
Use me Lord, glorify, your holy name through me.

Rushing wind blow through this temple,
Blowing out the dust within;
Come and breathe you breath upon me,
For I've been born again.

There is more to come about this post...I really didn't want the lyrics to get lost in my own words.

Pics and Pennsylvania

Thought I'd post some pictures for everyone:

Elijah wanted to be stir fry

Look Ma...I'm gonna cook myself!

It's WAAAAAYYYY hot in here!

HAHA! Just kidding!

Linda, me and Nicole - probably don't need to mention that we're sisters.

Olivia and Elijah in the pool

Elijah let the hose know just who's the boss...

Elijah playing kickball with his cousins

Running up the was hard work for those short legs!

Elijah with Uncle Brett (and Jack-dog)

Elijah and Aunt Linda playing in the sandbox

Elijah found a car that was JUST his size...

...and a chair that fit him, too!

Volleyball game at my parent's house

The block that my Dad decided to make with hand prints of all the grand kids...since Elijah was one of the last ones to go, his isn't on there yet. But he wasn't very cooperative and there is a mangled hand print and a foot print, too!

My nephew Ben and niece Breah...working together to make the elliptical move!

The three youngest kids...Olivia (trying to steal Eli…

Just wanted to do a boring little post to let everyone know that we have arrived safely in Iowa. Everything went well with the move. Thankfully, we had the help of Sheila to keep Elijah occupied, and Charlie to help Adam with all the heavy stuff. Elijah seems to be having an easier time today...and the cats have already adjusted completely (they sleep all day!).

I'm in the midst of unpacking a plethora of seems endless. I will post again someday when I'm not overwhelmed with cardboard!