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We are home...vacation is always great, but the comforts of home are just unbeatable.

Elijah and I had an early flight out of Baltimore this morning. A little bit of turbulence at the beginning and end but otherwise an OK flight. Elijah slept for only about 30 minutes after waking up at 4:30am to go to the airport. He seemed to be getting fussy about 45 minutes prior to landing...of course, I could smell that he was sitting in something that couldn't be too comfortable! As we were getting off the plane, however, we heard so many people say "Oh, he was SO good! Do you fly with him often?" So maybe I was just thinking he was fussier than he was!

It is now just after noon and Elijah has finally allowed himself to fall asleep. So I need to utilize this time wisely and unpack our rather monstrous suitcase! I have somewhere around 100 pictures that are on our camera right now that I will go through soon and post some of them. For now, I just wanted to say HI and that we got back…