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It's raining today. In fact, we've had two thunderstorms very loud one that woke all of us up at about 3am, and another one at noon. Spring is in the air, right?

WHATEVER! It's 37 degrees outside! So not only is it raining and just kind of gloomy, it's cold too! And I'm feeling lied to. All of our "meteorologists" said it would be in the 50's today. Even Mark Baden lied to me. Unbelievable. See, I have this system at 10pm when the news comes on: I like to watch all four major networks to see what their forecast says. (yeah, I only do this now when Adam IS NOT home because he used to give me a hard time about it!) CBS, FOX, NBC and finally ABC. ABC's Mark Baden is usually very accurate, as is his colleague Lance Hill. (Bring back memories, Mom and Dad?) They were all so wrong. And I am not pleased. And you know what will happen tonight? THEY WILL LIE THEIR WAY OUT OF THEIR OH-SO-WRONG FORECAST...probably by saying some …