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home sweet home

We are back home! YAY! Don't get me wrong...I had a great time in Indianapolis and vacationing is always nice but I am certainly glad to be home! Even in our apartment which has NO air conditioning and was about 88 degrees when we got home at 10pm last night! I love home!

So we went to the Formula 1 race on Sunday...we got up as soon as Elijah woke up and started to get ready. Left the hotel at just before 9am to drive to the Indianapolis Speedway. Traffic was crazy but Adam thought maybe we could take a shortcut. Let me say this...every time my Dad used to say "shortcut" it meant my Mom got upset cuz we got lost or something. But it worked out OK for us...we got near the track and took a side road to get to our parking area. Then began our rather lengthy walk to the track. No problem really...Elijah was great in his stroller and it was still just WARM, not hot. A cute baby is really great to take with you...everyone was telling us that he was the cutest Formula 1 fan ye…