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Teagan Riley Clark

So this is the birth story. I've been taking my time posting it because I really wanted to be sure I had the details correct since everything happened so crazy fast! Let's back up just a bit so I can tell you how this birth story began years ago...six and a half years ago to be exact. Fair warning...this story is LONG!

My birth story with Eli is not one I like to share too often. Don't get me wrong: ultimately, my son was born, he is alive and healthy and his method of delivery into the world shouldn't get my undies in a bunch. However, so much happened that made me feel powerless and even helpless; so much happened that made both Adam and I "grow up" and see just how much modern medicine can influence decisions; so much happened that we look back at and say "if we knew then what we know now, things would have been different". Let me give you Eli's birth and background in a a "brief" summary: (If you know the story or just want the hap…