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Today I actually felt like this cold is going to be gone soon. The head congestion has pretty much lifted and the cough/chest congestion is almost gone as well. I can tell it wiped me out because I tried to push myself a little on the treadmill today and realized how quickly I got tired. But I made it through 3.5 good miles...I was hoping to do 4 but 3.5 good miles will do.

One thing I really need to focus on again is nutrition. When my weight plateaued a about 3 months ago, I stupidly tried to lower my carbs and up my protein. Yeah, it worked but I had NO energy after about 2 weeks. It was weird. The first two weeks I felt amazing and felt like I could run forever. Then I just crashed. That whole diet plan went out the window pretty quickly. Now, I'm pretty much back on track; however, I'm still kind of low on the carbs and overall calories. Most days I really have a tough time getting in enough calories...and then I wonder why I feel so tired! It's not really intentional.…