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plethora of pics!

Yup...we are some strange ones...but we're perfect for each other, hey???

My baby was helping me bake...

...and he is such a good little helper!

He even let us know when he was tired of helping and it was time for his nap...check out the position of the spatula, at his throat...crazy baby!

Finnegan was in quite the predicament here...

...but Oscar was too busy channel surfing to even try to help his friend out!

Dad had to help him hold his cell phone for the first picutre...

...but he had the hang of it for the second one!

This picture comes from the poop episode which you can view on Adam's website...he must have felt SO much better after dumping that load!

awww...that face!

And that must be all for now...that cute baby has woken up and wants some Mommy time!