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OK, I'll spare you the really gross details but long story made short, my baby has some serious diarrhea. At least 5 times a day I'm changing these awful diapers. I've been washing crib sheets and sleepers almost every morning. And the poor little guy has some serious diaper rash because of it. That's the bad part. The funny part is he has started to bring me a diaper after he has one of his "episodes". He used to bring the box of wipes to me when he had a poopy diaper but now, he just brings a diaper. It's pretty cute.

So anyway, I was putting stuff away in the kitchen and he brought me a handful of diapers. Brought them into the kitchen and dropped them on the floor at my feet. I thought "well, that's crazy. Why does he think I need three diapers??" I bent down to pick him and the diapers up and he gave me "squinty smile"...the best way to explain this is that his eyes are squinty and he's smiling huge! He usually does it when…

One year old stats

My "big" one year old went to the doctor's what the numbers say:

Height: 28.75 inches - 25th percentile

Weight: 19 lbs, 1 oz - 10th percentile

"Big" may have been an exaggeration! He's a shrimp...but a cute one at that. And super smart. He's already mastered some of the tasks that were listed as 15 to 18 month tasks. Hooray for my super monkey! He also told the doctor "all done" when I picked him up off the table. His doctor was impressed!

He also got shots and blood work done. That was awful for both of us...they made me sit with him on my lap while they drew his blood! Then the vein they thought was good was actually NOT a good vein (he gets that from me!)...and we had to go through the whole ordeal on the other arm! Poor little monkey...he cried big, real tears and it broke my heart.

But now, we're just chillin' at home and he's playing with his new toys. I almost can't believe I made him go to the doctor the day b…
Hey, here are some pictures from today...Elijah is wearing the new outfit he got from Aunt Nicole, Uncle Stu and Cousin Olivia for his birthday!!

What a ham, hey??

First annual crazy monkey birthday bash

Lots of pictures to follow from Elijah's first birthday party! I also uploaded a whole bunch to my photo blog so feel free to check them out! As soon as I get some pictures emailed from other people who were at the party, I'll share those too!

Elijah's monkey cake...the handiwork of his dad!

All our decorations were compliments of Grandpa and Grandma Guenther, who were unable to be physically present but were with us in spirit

The birthday boy, before the festivities...

Eli and cousin Ki...

Mike and Caitlin...

Dad and Eli...

Eli stuffing his face with pizza pinwheels...

Ki trying to get his birthday hat on...