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Pics and Pennsylvania

Thought I'd post some pictures for everyone:

Elijah wanted to be stir fry

Look Ma...I'm gonna cook myself!

It's WAAAAAYYYY hot in here!

HAHA! Just kidding!

Linda, me and Nicole - probably don't need to mention that we're sisters.

Olivia and Elijah in the pool

Elijah let the hose know just who's the boss...

Elijah playing kickball with his cousins

Running up the was hard work for those short legs!

Elijah with Uncle Brett (and Jack-dog)

Elijah and Aunt Linda playing in the sandbox

Elijah found a car that was JUST his size...

...and a chair that fit him, too!

Volleyball game at my parent's house

The block that my Dad decided to make with hand prints of all the grand kids...since Elijah was one of the last ones to go, his isn't on there yet. But he wasn't very cooperative and there is a mangled hand print and a foot print, too!

My nephew Ben and niece Breah...working together to make the elliptical move!

The three youngest kids...Olivia (trying to steal Eli…