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Why I am feeling good today:
My super awesome husband got his CDL yesterday...and, provided his drug test comes back clean (which it had better!), he will get a new truck...which means he will have WAY fewer truck problems...which hopefully means he'll be home a little more quickly after his runs!
I am going to take a kickboxing class this summer! Until now, the only place I could find a class was through a health club...which, if you're not a member, was INSANELY expensive. This is through the Milwaukee Rec. Department and because we are residents, it's very cheap...I am totally excited I am FINALLY losing weight. I knew it would happen eventually but I was getting tired of exercising and not seeing results. Now I just feel more motivated
I JUST found out you can use Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags for frozen vegetables...this is good because my son is obsessed with green beans!
Adam taught Elijah to grunt when he's putting on his is so cute! Now, when I hear c…
Paper: $1.00

Finger paint: $2.50

Baby soap: $3.00

Floor cleaner: $3.50

Finger painting with a 17 month old: PRICELESS

Here are a couple extra photos for your viewing pleasure:

Elijah wearing a maternity swim suit


(of course I'd be angry too if someone made me wear a taco costume!)

Elijah's first portraits

Elijah had his first set of portraits taken this month (thank you, Seiberlings!). He looks like such a little boy now!

these four are my favorites (except the football in the first one!):

Poor Elijah. He's having a tough time today. It started at 6:45am when I heard him talking in his crib. Now let me explain something: Elijah is not a morning person, probably because he has two parents who aren't very fond of mornings either! Most mornings he sleeps until 8am. So for Elijah to be wide awake at 6:45...I just knew it was going to be an interesting day. But we got up, got dressed and started the day. We have a pretty good morning routine: Elijah gets some animal crackers in his orange cup and watered down juice to keep him pacified until his oatmeal has cooked and cooled. Usually, this goes very well. Today, however, it did not. Elijah was climbing on a chair and fell off the chair face first...into the kitchen floor. We were lucky enough to not have blood but by the time I picked him up off the floor, he had a huge fat lip. And because he was so upset, he wouldn't let me do anything for him. He didn't even want to be held! So I let him cry it out and the…

Elijah LOVES to read!

I love how cute he looks when he's "reading" his books!

In the first picture, he is putting the first book away! I've trained him well

Adam taught him how to climb on the furniture he likes to read on the couch, too!

Laundry Day

Elijah wanted to help me with laundry's some pictures from our laundry day:

Juice break!

Check out that BIG melon of a head! Just kidding...his head is fine!

I like this serious...

followed by the giggles...

followed by a series of poses (what a ham!)

My little laundry helper He's the best.