Why I am feeling good today:
  • My super awesome husband got his CDL yesterday...and, provided his drug test comes back clean (which it had better!), he will get a new truck...which means he will have WAY fewer truck problems...which hopefully means he'll be home a little more quickly after his runs!
  • I am going to take a kickboxing class this summer! Until now, the only place I could find a class was through a health club...which, if you're not a member, was INSANELY expensive. This is through the Milwaukee Rec. Department and because we are residents, it's very cheap...I am totally excited
  • I am FINALLY losing weight. I knew it would happen eventually but I was getting tired of exercising and not seeing results. Now I just feel more motivated
  • I JUST found out you can use Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags for frozen vegetables...this is good because my son is obsessed with green beans!
  • Adam taught Elijah to grunt when he's putting on his shoes...it is so cute! Now, when I hear caveman-type grunting from another area of the house, I know that Elijah needs a little help putting a shoe back on!
  • My upstairs neighbors aren't fighting anymore (it got pretty loud this afternoon)...not only am I grateful for the quiet, but I'm thankful that they're NOT fighting!
  • I bought boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.88 a pound yesterday! I love chicken and so does Elijah!
  • Even though it's pretty chilly outside, the sun is still out. I love the sun.
  • Elijah is almost done eating dinner, the dishes are DONE (we don't have a dishwasher), Elijah is going to take a bath and then we can just relax tonight until he goes to bed.
  • Ooooh...and when I gave Elijah his dinner tonight, I told him to say "thank you" and he did! And it really sounded like "thank you"...he said it yesterday morning, too.
  • Elijah also says "bless you" to me when I sneeze...he actually says "bah" but he says it every time I sneeze, and sometimes when the cats sneeze so I know he's trying.
  • Elijah loves to read books. Before he goes to bed at night, I always tell him to go get a book to read...and about 10 books later, he's ready for bed. Plus, sometimes during the day when he gets quiet (and I get worried that he's misbehaving!), I check on him and find that he's sitting quietly, "reading" a book.
  • Apparently, we're supposed to have rain/snow showers tomorrow...but I know it won't stick to the ground!
  • My house is clean. So tonight after Elijah goes to bed, I am going to take a bath and enjoy the silence.
Well, I am sure there are more reasons but that's a pretty good list, if I do say so myself. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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