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appt #1

My first OB appointment was today. I am pleased with the OB that I fact, Adam and I are both VERY pleased. My first delivery ended up being a pretty big disappointment for both of us, and we were both so unhappy with the way we were treated at the hospital and how our wishes were pretty much ignored. Today we got to sit down with Dr. Leach in his office for about 20-30 minutes prior to my exam to talk to him about health history and my pregnancy with Elijah. As we relived my first delivery with the doctor, he at one point sort of chuckled and said "This all seems unreal to me...I'm waiting for you two to tell me you're joking!" I won't go into detail about the past because, quite honestly, it's over and done and I don't want bitterness to start in me again. But one of the first things I told my new OB is that I don't want another c-section unless it's totally necessary...such as he tells me the baby is in danger. He said that's fine…