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Random pictures and birthday pictures for your viewing pleasure!
(I have quite a bit of video footage from his birthday but I don't have the right cable to put it on the computer...I'm going to make cd's of it to send to the PA folk!)

Eli with his cookie goatee:

Excuse the goofy lady...this was at the park one day...

One of Elijah's new favorite things...CHOCOLATE PIE!

Elijah having a pretty bad hair day!

On the night before his birthday, he decided to toss corn meal all over Grandma B's living room...he looks rather pleased with himself!

Adam's follow-up to last year's awesome monkey cake. This is the crazy candy cake...

I think he looks rather pleased with his creation, don't you?

Elijah's new rubber frog boots...his cousin has a pair just like it and Elijah has always loved wearing them! They're still a few sizes too big so he trips in them a lot...probably would help if he would put them on the correct feet!

Elijah doing what he is so good at right n…