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nic and stu's visit

My poor little monkey is sick today. He didn't eat his normal huge breakfast...instead he ate about a third of his banana and two or three pieces of pancake. Then he proceeded to throw the rest on the floor and tell me "all done". OK, I guess! About an hour after he ate, he followed me down the hall while I was vacuuming and threw up...a lot. It happened again a little later, this time on me. Then on his changing table after his nap. And again on me. It's been a wonderful day here, between changing Eli's clothes four or five times and cleaning up banana puke. He won't eat or drink, but other than that (and the vomiting) he's pretty normal. Still playing and acting like his usual, monkey-like self. This is really the first time he's been sick in almost 14 months so I feel really bad for him. Poor little monkey!

So here are some more pictures for those who have asked for a few more pictures!

Olivia enjoying Eli's exersaucer...I had almost forgotten th…