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some pictures

Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve and the past week or so:

Eli loved being with Sam, my Aunt Ellen's dog. Sam was quite tolerant of Elijah, as you can see.

And isn't that outfit super cute? He got that for his birthday from the Koller Family. (Someone out in PA make sure to tell Linda how cute he looked for me...thanks!)

Here is Eli opening his presents from Uncle Mike, Aunt Caitlin and Cousin Ki:

Then he took a juice break:

Smiley pictures:

Why so serious, Elijah?

Elijah got a dog outfit from Dr. John and Jeanne Reynolds (family friends and our vet) for Christmas. So, in the spirit of letting our child believe he is part of the "furkids", we let him be a dog for a day, too!

Finally, here's a picture for my mom:

Nothing parked on the lawn!