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And now, for your viewing pleasure while I wait for pictures of my newest niece, here are some pictures from late last week and this weekend!!!

First, walk time! Elijah is my awesome walking companion...he's making sure I get out every day! We're doing between 2.5 and 3.5 miles a day now...

and then some more of my boy in his muscle shirt:

...and wearing his Dad's socks so he looks like he has big feet...

This was the next day, while we were waiting for Adam to get back with a bicycle pump...I had been walking with the tires rather deflated...ok, they were empty of all air except maybe just a little!

how's that tire taste, Elijah??

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa B...he loved the tissue paper and the book, but he loved the snuggling more!

Next morning, he showed us how "grown up" he is now that he eats half a banana at a time!!

Later that day, we went to Grandma and Grandpa G's house for a birthday cook out for Adam...Elijah ate THREE bananas and a hot dog and over…