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deal or no deal


I am completely addicted to this game show...I am truly pathetic

Know what else? I really LOATHE being short...especially while I am pregnant. I can't reach ANYTHING in my house. Do you know that I just had this major chocolate craving and wanted the Swiss Cake Rolls out of the cabinet above the stove. Well when I opened the cabinet I realized that they were much too high for me to get. I had several options. #1: Forget the chocolate and eat something better for me (sheah...right!). #2: Get a chair from the kitchen table and climb...not recommended for someone who is front heavy! #3: Silently be very upset that Adam put them too far back in the cabinet and is now at work until 10pm. OR #4: Use my new improved method for grabbing things out of the tongs! I chose #3...hahahahaha Nope it was indeed #4. The funny thing is that I teased Adam for MONTHS about those kitchen tongs that he bought in 3 sizes…

I am the size of a whale...

So I tried to go clothes shopping this evening after work for some special-type clothes. I am a beached whale...bloated and just huge. I thought dressing room mirrors were supposed to be "forgiving" and that's why clothes look good on you in a store but not at home?!?! If what I saw was FORGIVING, I must be the size of TWO BEACHED WHALES! Kind of depressing...this is not something I should be leaving for the last minute...yeah, that's kinda funny I guess.

On a more positive note, Adam and I got to tour the hospital last night and see the birthing rooms and so forth. WAY COOL! I was rather impressed with the hardwood floors...and the hydrotherapy room...definitely thinking that is a good idea if I can. I guess this hospital has something crazy like a 70% epidural rate so the room doesn't get used much...well, sign me up! They can let me start using it now ! I want to avoid epidurals...really really don't want to go there...I have this "thing" about m…