deal or no deal


I am completely addicted to this game show...I am truly pathetic

Know what else? I really LOATHE being short...especially while I am pregnant. I can't reach ANYTHING in my house. Do you know that I just had this major chocolate craving and wanted the Swiss Cake Rolls out of the cabinet above the stove. Well when I opened the cabinet I realized that they were much too high for me to get. I had several options. #1: Forget the chocolate and eat something better for me (sheah...right!). #2: Get a chair from the kitchen table and climb...not recommended for someone who is front heavy! #3: Silently be very upset that Adam put them too far back in the cabinet and is now at work until 10pm. OR #4: Use my new improved method for grabbing things out of the tongs! I chose #3...hahahahaha Nope it was indeed #4. The funny thing is that I teased Adam for MONTHS about those kitchen tongs that he bought in 3 sizes and uses for everything when he's cooking...I'm embarrassed now!

OK, I'm over it.

One of the cats just stepped on the remote and the next station up has some crazy show on called "Trading Spouses"...HA! I wouldn't trade Adam...not even for a day! And if he ever tried to "trade me out", he'd find out just how dangerous kitchen tongs can be! I'm only joking. Sometimes it's really crazy...I'll be driving or at work or walking through a store and all of the sudden I stop dead in my tracks and think "Holy Cats...I'm married!" It's not strange or anything...just WAY COOL .

I have been awake since about 4:10am this morning...why am I so awake? I thought for sure when I dragged myself out of bed this morning that I would be passed out and comatose by this time tonight. Second wind? Third maybe? I don't know. I made a decision that if I am tired, I'm just going to matter what time it is. I am so seriously awake enough right now that I think I'm going to take a shower and find a huge beach towel to use afterward (thanks for that idea, Caitlin!). Yup...but I still have about 28 minutes until Deal or No Deal is over...

***EDIT STARTS HERE: Sooooo I took that shower and when I was done, I wrapped myself up in my BIG, fuzzy warm yellow beach towel...I was enjoying being enveloped and decided to dry my hair with the EXCESS towel (first time in ages!) and then I dried my face. It was WAAAYYY too late when I realized that the cats have been sleeping on that beach towel in the bedroom closet for, oh, probably 5 or 6 months. My face was covered in black, white and orange fur and nothing I did would get it off. Slightly fearful, I pulled the rest of the towel off and realized I resembled our cats because my entire body was just covered in fur...I couldn't laugh or cry or be mad or anything. It was just too unbelievable. I had to take another shower in very cool water because I had used all the hot water the FIRST time to get all the fur off...sheesh. I'm amused by the whole situation now because when I came out of the bathroom, all four cats went running in different directions when they saw me coming...they must have known! I think my cats conspired against me!***


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