SO, I had a doctor's appointment today...an early one at that. 9:15am is much too early when you don't get home from work until about 3:30am. And to add insult to injury, I actually got the the office early and had to wait 45 minutes. I thought doctor's offices were usually on time or ahead of schedule in the morning? Oh well...it gave me some time to almost fall back asleep and people watch. Doctor waiting rooms are the best for people watching...

Oh, so I guess the point of this post...nothing has really changed except that I continue to get fatter...and so does the baby! Doctor asked if I've had any Braxton Hicks contractions yet...I said I thought perhaps I had felt one or two yesterday but not any besides that. The exam would reveal that I am "not at all dilated and not really effaced at all"...that's encouraging, Doc...I guess Elijah is quite comfy in his womb right now! Sorry, Ki...you'll have to wait a little while before your cousin is ready to come out and play!

Well, that is my update for everyone...not too exciting. I still have stuffed sausage leg, but I'm starting to just accept it. It's not like I'm doing any runway modeling right now anyway! And if I decide I want to do that, I'm sure SOMEONE out there would pay me to photograph my sausage leg! Look out, America...the stuffed sausage billboards are coming to neighborhoods everywhere!


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