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I am cold....

No, I am freezing. My toes are numb under the two pairs of socks and shoes I'm wearing (only one pair of shoes!). My right fingers are so cold. Adam said I am now officially a Clark. I wasn't informed that this was part of the deal!

Seriously, there is very little left for us to do to weather-proof our house. I found one more window in the kitchen that is allowing some air to get in from under the molding. Adam said he'll caulk it when he comes home. There is plastic on every window...we even keep rolled up towels by the outside door bottoms to (try to) keep air from coming in. It's just too stinking cold today. I woke up this morning to four cats laying practically on top of me. Finnegan was halfway under the covers! My nose was pretty numb, too. I just piled on my clothes and went in the basement for my morning appointment with the treadmill...and it was COLDER down there. That was okay though because when I came back upstairs, it felt warm for a… 3

It's just not getting better over here...

I talked to Adam on the phone last night between 12:30 and 1am (he's driving a truck, for those who don't know). He was super tired and needed a little company to help him stay awake. My throat had been hurting since dinner time and finally I told Adam I was going to take some Advil Cold and go to sleep.

Once I got comfortable in bed, whadda ya know? Eli starts wailing...the bad kind again. Poor little I stayed up with him until almost 2am, trying to rock him back to sleep. I go back to bed. When I wake up again, I heard him whimpering...not the bad kind, but enough to wake a mama! I laid there for a little bit, listening to make sure he went back to sleep. It was about 5:30am. As I laid there, I became VERY aware that I was running a fever. I contemplated getting up to take more medicine and decided against it (stupid ) because I was really warm in bed with all the kitties sleeping with me! So I just let myself fall back as…


Last night made me remember what it was like to have a newborn again. Elijah didn't fall asleep until midnight, and I went to bed. At 3:13am, I was awakened to a shrill scream...that didn't stop. I have NO idea what was wrong but Elijah was sitting straight up in his crib, eyes closed, screaming. He wasn't even fully awake. To get him to stop screaming, I had to wake him up! He woke up and I had to sit with him in the rocker while he calmed down. About 4:00am, he fell asleep again. I went back to bed. 6:00am...I woke up and heard him "talking to himself" in his crib. Then I heard him throw his paci across the room (I can hear when it hits the hard wood floor!). I know what follows...blankets and stuffed animals get thrown next...then he cries. Yup. So I went in there and picked up his stuff, gave him his paci and told him it was definitely not time to get up yet. He sat looking at me so innocently, laid down and appeared to be going back to sleep. kid…


Still here...just been busy with various other things (job interviews, etc!) are some pictures to hold everyone over until the next batch!

Elijah regressed a little...we had his swing out for cousin Olivia while my sister and her husband were visiting. Elijah decided he wanted to use his swing again! HOWEVER, he's going to be too big for it soon, and all he wanted to do the past week was be in his swing. So Adam and I put it away last night. So far today, he hasn't seemed to miss it too much!

Elijah enjoying some oreo-cream pie...he has a serious sweet tooth.

He also likes to eat his rubber ducks...or at least suck on their heads like a paci!

...pushing his truck around...pretty soon he'll be big enough that we can put that seat down and he'll ride it!

This was a Christmas present from the Kollers (my older sister's family)..we call it Yoga Monkey because you can position him in some crazy ways!

And finally, Elijah's new favorite toy. Yes, that is a snot suck…

nic and stu's visit

My poor little monkey is sick today. He didn't eat his normal huge breakfast...instead he ate about a third of his banana and two or three pieces of pancake. Then he proceeded to throw the rest on the floor and tell me "all done". OK, I guess! About an hour after he ate, he followed me down the hall while I was vacuuming and threw up...a lot. It happened again a little later, this time on me. Then on his changing table after his nap. And again on me. It's been a wonderful day here, between changing Eli's clothes four or five times and cleaning up banana puke. He won't eat or drink, but other than that (and the vomiting) he's pretty normal. Still playing and acting like his usual, monkey-like self. This is really the first time he's been sick in almost 14 months so I feel really bad for him. Poor little monkey!

So here are some more pictures for those who have asked for a few more pictures!

Olivia enjoying Eli's exersaucer...I had almost forgotten th…