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Happy Birthday, Adam!

I know you're stuck at work all day, but we hope you have a great day!!!

Several more pictures for you!

He got to eat dinner sitting right next to mom and dad! He was very good as long as we kept giving him pieces of bread to gnaw on (still no teeth!).

Hi Mom...I'm reorganizing your CD's!

What do you mean by "alphabetical order"??

Look Grampa B...I picked out Tchaikovsky. Dad said this is one of your favorites!

I did a good job, hey??

Hey, where are the rest of your CD's?? I'll alphabetize those, too!
He bites down so hard on his teething toys...nothing white popping out just yet. Notice the scratch on his left cheek? I guess Hussy finally had to let him know that he was pulling on her fur too hard!

Crazy baby! Adam always gets crazy face pictures! The pic with the bat is from this morning when he and Adam were playing baseball before Adam left for work!

I found some great pics and videos from last night on another memory card. Adam was taking them while I was making enchiladas (my specialty!). They were so cool that I had to post again and share...especially since Adam is making dinner tonight

Our BRAND SPANKIN' NEW AC unit and super cool remote control...even Oscar is impressed!

Elijah wanted to watch a movie! Or maybe he was just starting trouble...

WHO ME?????

Elijah has FINALLY gotten REALLY good at standing up and kinda shuffling along sometimes...and he is SO happy when he does it!

He looks so innocent and sweet, eh??


On Saturday, we went over to the house of a family friend for a cook out. Their daughter Bailey was home visiting from North Carolina. It was a good time...and Elijah got to eat pickles and brownies!

Below are some pictures of Elijah acting silly...with his fan remote (batteries removed!) and eating some of Dad's soft pretzel...

Check out all that drool...and cat fur!!!

Trip to PA

Happy Birthday, Nicole! That huge cookie was pretty tasty!

My two crazy sisters, Linda and Nicole

I caught Nicole off guard when she was coming home from the doctor one day...had to get some good pictures of that belly! She's getting close....

Elijah with his Aunt Nicole (she didn't want to be in the pic!) -- and also with his Aunt Linda above.

The cousins (left to right) Breah and Natalie on the couch, Calvin in the red shirt, Sarah in the pink and Ben is the boy in the white shirt in only the second picture.

Fun with food? Breah and Uncle Stu got silly with celery...and Stu decides to be a walrus?

Natalie with her single celery fang... and Calvin eats his celery to help him do Kung Fu!

POOL FUN! Brett had just as much fun as the kids did...maybe more!

Ben was all tired out after swimming all day!

What a good Jack dog! He was so good with all the kids, including Elijah!

Hi, Super Sarah! Looking super cute I'd say! Calvin riding his Big Wheel

Ben got an expander put…