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Something is wrong with my leg. Well, maybe not "wrong" but definitely "not right"! I have this constant pain localized about mid shin, but the pain actually goes more into my calf. It's NOT shin splints...I get those enough that I know what that pain feels like. This is a muscle issue (I think). Yesterday after running and showering, I noticed a large knot in the muscle. I iced it and took some ibuprofen. The knot shrunk but it is still so sore today.

I'm super frustrated lately. When I first started running again last year, it was going so well. I made improvements daily and never suffered with silly pain like this. This year has just been a challenge for me. I love running so much and it really frustrates me when I can't do it. I'd really like to invest in an exercise bike so I can cross train a little more. It's just tough in the winter months...I can't very well exercise outside in -20 degree windchills! And I don't want to take the …