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let it snow

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I don't like winter. I used to say I didn't mind the snow...I just didn't like the cold. Well, we've had almost 70 inches of snow so far this winter and it's official: I DON'T LIKE WINTER.

I spent over an hour digging out my car from our parking spot in back of the house. This was rough for a few reasons. First, they actually PLOWED the alley! We normally aren't given that service. It'll be nice to drive in the alley now, but it also meant there was a good amount of snow plowed up behind my car. Second, there is really nowhere to put all the snow that I clean off my car and from around my car, especially when there is 17 inches on what little lawn area we do have. Third, I guess Larry-not-the-cucumber has decided NOT to park in back after this snow storm. His parking spot is still completely covered. I thought about just putting all my snow on top of his but decided against it after about 3 seconds. Anyway, there was just an obnoxious …