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Light up the Sky

Tonight, Eli and I were driving home from a "get together' with my small group from church...Eli was super sleepy (played hard with his friends and hunted for Easter eggs!) and he was falling asleep in the back seat. I kept trying to talk to him to make our short, 15 minute drive home pass by more quickly but he was fading fast...and I was feeling a bit defeated, alone and sad. Suddenly, I noticed lightening in the sky and heard thunder. I watched again, and even though it was only about 7pm, the slightly darkened sky definitely showed signs of a thunderstorm. 
As I exhaled and just prayed for a bit of peace for my troubled heart, I realized something. I realized that God shows Himself to us in many different ways...including thunderstorms. I remember as a child hearing that thunder was just "the angels bowling" or some other comforting description of an otherwise frightening sound for a child. Even as a child, this analogy made me think about how powerful God really…