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Happy Valentine's Day

Good news - my thyroid is fine. Bad news - my thyroid is fine.

I am glad that my tests came back normal. But I still feel completely wiped out. And the other symptoms I'm experiencing still need to have an explanation. I pushed through all my workouts this week, and I have another one today. It should be a 5 mile long run but lately I've been beat after 3.5 miles. So we'll see...I'm going to do as much as I can. Once you hit a wall, though, that's it.

Elijah is sick this weekend, too, and Adam isn't home from being on the road. Kind of feels like a weekend that I'd rather spend in bed!
Today was a good work out, considering...

The past two months I have been struggling to actually WANT to run. I have been so exhausted. I just can't seem to sleep enough. I've also gained a little weight, despite running the same amount of miles (or slightly more) and eating the same amount of calories. I am always cold, my hair has been falling out, I'm very susceptible to illness and constantly have terrible overall body aches. All these symptoms have led me to the doctor finally to have my thyroid checked. I won't get the results until Thursday. Part of me really hopes they say "Yup, your thyroid is under-active...take some meds and you'll be fine". It would explain all the above symptoms (plus the others...I'm a wreck!). And it would be nice to be able to explain it. But there's a part of me that just doesn't want a lifelong condition. I know that I'll still be able to run with it...but I'm just sort of hoping I'm okay. I don…


Something is wrong with my leg. Well, maybe not "wrong" but definitely "not right"! I have this constant pain localized about mid shin, but the pain actually goes more into my calf. It's NOT shin splints...I get those enough that I know what that pain feels like. This is a muscle issue (I think). Yesterday after running and showering, I noticed a large knot in the muscle. I iced it and took some ibuprofen. The knot shrunk but it is still so sore today.

I'm super frustrated lately. When I first started running again last year, it was going so well. I made improvements daily and never suffered with silly pain like this. This year has just been a challenge for me. I love running so much and it really frustrates me when I can't do it. I'd really like to invest in an exercise bike so I can cross train a little more. It's just tough in the winter months...I can't very well exercise outside in -20 degree windchills! And I don't want to take the …