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Eli riding his truck in pajamas and rubber frog boots

He just wanted to sit and stare at the lights!

on his birthday bean bag chair...

He likes to be "wrapped" when he's relaxing!

But he was hiding cookies under the blanket!

Christmas Eve...putting out cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots for the reindeer.


the mess "Santa" (aka: Adam) left coming down the chimney.

Adam and I created a truck to look like "Daddy's Truck"...I think it's his favorite present.

Temper tantrum before bed!

But he was okay then!

Big boy bed...with new "Cars" bedding. He slept in the bed for the first time Christmas night and has been sleeping in it ever since with no problems!

Sitting in his "Cars" clothes hamper!

mmm...candy canes!

**Playing in the snow**