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Since I've been so busy trying to decide what's up with a name (!), I have failed to post some pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy...

Kitties enjoying the afternoon sunlight:

Some random Elijah photos:

This bath time is brought to you by the letter "G":

(What a cheesy face!)

This is what Elijah does when I tell him that Daddy is coming home and he should go watch for him!

Of course, we rearranged the living room and now the couch is I have to let him stand on the couch to see out the window (for now!)

Mother's Day:

Elijah and Great Grandma Guenther....

Sadie and Sandy enjoying the big, comfy chair...I could sleep in that chair!

And finally a sad story...Puppy-Puppy had an accident:


And after a run in with the Reynold's dogs:

Poor Puppy-Puppy!