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Goodbye, forever!

So, I had to sit in the parking lot of my poor old store today to hand out paychecks to my prior employees. It was actually pretty sad for, I definitely won't miss 90% of my employees. But that old store has some pretty good memories attached to it. I started working at this particular store in 1999 as an assistant manager; my restaurant manager at that time was SO good, saw my potential and trained me to be a restaurant manager as well. After I was there for about 4 months, Dave told me that he would be leaving to pursue other avenues...and asked me if I wanted to be the "Big Cheese"...yeah, he used that phrase. I said definitely, and the ball started rolling. By the beginning of 2000, it was my store to run, and we did AWESOME. The first year was tough, getting a great team assembled, but before I knew it, my efforts had all paid off. We were exceeding company expectations and receiving bonus checks every quarter. It was so amazing. Then, the store was running …