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more pics

The living room, after the 2nd coat of paint.

The hallway, which has not been painted but definitely needs to be! I just thought it showed the way the doors throughout the house look...something I really like about the place.

Elijah's room...we decided we really don't like the way the white closet doors look but that will have to wait for now.

Well, I went to stand up and stuck my hand in Adam's paint tray...he thought it would be funny to take my picture. I'm posting it so he doesn't

The kittybuds...sleeping. It's a rare day when we see three of them in the same area at the same time!

Elijah was trying to eat the Yellow Pages...crazy child!

Elijah "droopy-drawers" ... poor kid...his pants are always falling down!

This is not nice of me, but this was like the 5th time this happened and as bad as I feel for him when it happens, it's so funny! He tries to get toys by leaning over the toy box and ends up getting stuck on the edge! His feet aren't eve…