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mental health day

I'm skipping work today. Well, sort of. I really don't know if I can keep this up for the summer. Since my store is closed, I have to work where the company feels they "can use me best"...ha! I guess I should sort of feel thankful...they put me in our newest store...yeah, which just so happens to be on the north side of Milwaukee and not in a very good area. I guess some guy pulled a knife on the tellers at a bank nearby...bunch of muggings...etc. Nice store, ghetto neighborhood. And it's like 30-some miles from our apartment. And it requires traveling one of two interstates, both of which are super packed and busy. There's construction all over and these two routes are the two that everybody and their brother takes. So I worked 8am to 5pm yesterday. Due to driving during both rush hours, it took me ONE AND A HALF HOURS to get there yesterday morning...and it also took me ONE AND A HALF HOURS to get home last night. So I dropped Elijah off at my mom's ho…