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2 month check up

Our baby is getting big...too fast . I'm already thinking about having to drop him off at school someday, and then I started thinking about what's going to happen when he gets married! I think maybe I'm having some hormonal fluctuations today......and I'm sure Adam will agree to that. I've been a little cranky, and a bit snippy to him. Sorry Adam!

SO, who wants some baby statistics? Elijah is now 11 lbs, 1 oz and he is 22 inches long with a 39 cm head...all these numbers fall into the 25th percentiles. We had to fill out a developmental questionnaire and he is already exhibiting some of the 5 month old characteristics. Looks like Auntie Caitlin was right...we have super advanced babies! Yay for Elijah and Ki! So Dr. Milonas said he's doing great and looks good...Elijah got a little stubborn and when he was put on his tummy, he wouldn't lift up his head. He does that to me, too. He'll get all ticked off and start crying until I can tell he's angry. A…