2 month check up

Our baby is getting big...too fast . I'm already thinking about having to drop him off at school someday, and then I started thinking about what's going to happen when he gets married! I think maybe I'm having some hormonal fluctuations today......and I'm sure Adam will agree to that. I've been a little cranky, and a bit snippy to him. Sorry Adam!

SO, who wants some baby statistics? Elijah is now 11 lbs, 1 oz and he is 22 inches long with a 39 cm head...all these numbers fall into the 25th percentiles. We had to fill out a developmental questionnaire and he is already exhibiting some of the 5 month old characteristics. Looks like Auntie Caitlin was right...we have super advanced babies! Yay for Elijah and Ki! So Dr. Milonas said he's doing great and looks good...Elijah got a little stubborn and when he was put on his tummy, he wouldn't lift up his head. He does that to me, too. He'll get all ticked off and start crying until I can tell he's angry. And right about the time that I am going to give in and pick him up, I see him lift up his head to see if I'm looking at him! How dramatic...! Elijah did very well during his shots, too. He cried, especially during the first one...I think that one probably hurt the worst. But once the nurse was done, he pretty much stopped crying. And he got three super cool band-aids to cover his injection spots. He slept for about 3 hours after his appointment, woke up a little cranky, got some Tylenol and nursed and then was in a good mood. Huh...maybe I need the adult equivalent of Tylenol and nursing so I'm not cranky!

Actually, I have a pretty good reason, I think. Last week Wednesday I went to my OB for my 8 week checkup. I mentioned to him at that appointment that I was having some pretty intense pain during breastfeeding, and it had been going on for about a week...he checked out the twins and pretty much told me that it was probably thrush and I should get Elijah checked. So I waited a week until TODAY at Elijah's appointment. Elijah's doc checked me out and said "Oh no...that doesn't look like thrush at all...it's mastitis and you need an antibiotic. Call your OB and get him to call one into the pharmacy for you". He checked out Elijah's mouth and said that was clear, too. So let me get this straight...I spent 2 weeks feeling like I'm being stabbed in the boobs and it could have been taken care of last week? Wonderful. Elijah has been wanting to nurse quite a bit the past two weeks and I've just been sort of biting my tongue and dealing with the stabbing pains...I could just stab something else right now out of frustration. I'm starting to feel extremely irritated with doctors. Oh well...at least Elijah has a good one! So now, it's like 16 degrees out today and I have to take Elijah out again so go and get my antibiotic so I can start my pain-free existence once again.

So anyway that is my day so far ...not the best day but it could be worse I know. At least Elijah seems to be dealing with his shots pretty well. Maybe after we run out for my prescription we'll take a nap...I'm going to miss our little naps when I have to go back to work .


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