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Locked in!


So yeah...I am LOCKED IN MY HOUSE. You see, our deadbolts lock on the inside and outside with the key. My house keys are still in my car. Adam locked the deadbolt when he went to work. So I have two choices: stay inside until Adam gets home, which could be pretty late tonight OR climb out a window. I'm not as agile as I once was...I still need to think about this!

My baby is still sleeping...he slept for about 4 out of the 6 hours of travel time yesterday and when we got home, he was WIDE awake and ready to play! He went to bed at about 11:30pm and he is still sleeping! Poor little guy...we wore him out this weekend!

On the first attempt, I forgot my car keys and had to CLIMB BACK THROUGH THE WINDOW! heh...major blonde moment...

just pictures


You can buy them super cool toys, and they like to play with water bottles!

Flash was too bright I think!

Elijah LOVES to hug Hussy...actually, we call it "putting your head on the kitty"!

Not sure...I think he took the picture of himself! He is so strange sometimes!

Autumn is pretty cool...

...and I don't just mean in terms of temperature! Elijah and I took a quick walk today before it started raining and I decided to take a few pictures of the park across the street. I'm no professional but they are pretty nonetheless!

Along the trail...

Elijah's duck friend on the kind of scummy-looking pond. Most of the ducks were in pairs, but this guy was by himself.

More ducks...these guys wre one the non-scummy pong. This is the pond where we can go ice skating in the winter.

More of the cool non-scummy pond.

This was the squirrel that Elijah decided to yell at...then I got the next picture...

Check out its crazy demon-like eye! Yikes.

And that's all...Elijah was all bundled up in the stroller because it was rather chilly so I didn't take his picture...well, I did but they were not the best. He's taking an afternoon nap and I'll try to take some pictures/videos of him walking later. He's gotten very good at it!
But it seems like every time we pull out the c…


Adam went crazy with the camera yesterday...he was trying to get some good pictures of Eli's top two teeth. He was actually cutting one on the bottom but we think it went back into his gums! anyway, here are the "fruits" of Adam's labor - enjoy!

Elijah LOVES to play with water bottles...look how he's hugging the bottle in the second picture!

Hey, it's me! I was super sleepy...


So Elijah is awesome...he has been taking his first steps on his own lately, usually when I'm home alone with him. If we try to make him walk TO us, or WITH us, he won't do it. He gets all mad and sits down. But he'll do it when he's standing next to stuff on HIS own terms...stubborn baby!

Anyway, tonight we were over at my mom and dad's house doing laundry. Right before we were going to leave to come home, he took FOUR steps all by himself...and now I have witnesses! Then, to make it even better, he took FOUR more steps all by himself again! I'm such a proud mom right now. We moved just in time. Our last place only had 2 bedrooms so I had to block off the kitchen (kept the kitty dishes in there) and the bedrooms (cats needed to escape somewhere) with baby gates. So Elijah really had no where to walk except the living room. Here, we just close the bathroom door and put a gate up in the kitty-room doorway. He has so much room to roam. I have a feeling he'll…

pictures after the move

Here are some pictures of the baby-baby to enjoy while you wait on pictures of the new place (we still need to unpack quite a bit!). Here he is today eating some macaroni and cheese (or Kraft Cheese and Macaroni, according to Adam!)...this seems to be his new favorite lunchtime food!

Notice his "big boy zit" on his cheek? He's growing up so fast!

Also, notice his hair seems to have lightened up quite a bit! He's a lighter-haired Adam now...

And that is all for now...we're going to unpack and hopefully get some things put on the walls today. If so, there will be more pictures later!