Autumn is pretty cool...

...and I don't just mean in terms of temperature! Elijah and I took a quick walk today before it started raining and I decided to take a few pictures of the park across the street. I'm no professional but they are pretty nonetheless!

Along the trail...

Elijah's duck friend on the kind of scummy-looking pond. Most of the ducks were in pairs, but this guy was by himself.

More ducks...these guys wre one the non-scummy pong. This is the pond where we can go ice skating in the winter.

More of the cool non-scummy pond.

This was the squirrel that Elijah decided to yell at...then I got the next picture...
Check out its crazy demon-like eye! Yikes.

And that's all...Elijah was all bundled up in the stroller because it was rather chilly so I didn't take his picture...well, I did but they were not the best. He's taking an afternoon nap and I'll try to take some pictures/videos of him walking later. He's gotten very good at it!
But it seems like every time we pull out the camera, he sits down again. Crazy baby!


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