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This was earlier yesterday, when Adam went out to shovel the first time:

This was during the snow storm, and we actually got another three on top of this. Ugh!
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling a little better and I can get some good pictures of the snow drifts in our yard. I'm hoping Elijah's cold will go away soon so he can enjoy the snow a little before it gets all arctic cold again this weekend.

This is where we found Elijah last night after dinner. I guess he wasn't feeling all that well and just wanted to lay down, even if it meant on the kitchen floor.

This picture is from the beginning of January but I thought it looked pretty cool in black and white.

That's all for now...have a good Friday.


Looks like the final count for us was 17 inches...good grief. Last time we had this much snow in 24 hours was in the 1800's.

I was kind of hoping to see the sun today so Elijah and I could go outside and get some Vitamin D treatment. Both of us are under the weather. I can't seem to shake this's settled in my chest and left me with a pretty nasty cough. Elijah woke up yesterday with a very runny nose; then this morning, he woke up about 6am. I went in by him and had to wipe his nose for him. He didn't even want to get up...just wanted his nose wiped and laid back down to sleep. About 8am I heard him coughing...awww...poor little guy! I just checked on him about 30 minutes ago and he's still fast asleep. I'm not even going to worry about him ruining his "schedule" today. I just want him to feel better, and if he needs to sleep, that's fine by me.

It's probably a good thing Adam had to leave again last night, at least in terms of this …