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Poor Elijah. He's having a tough time today. It started at 6:45am when I heard him talking in his crib. Now let me explain something: Elijah is not a morning person, probably because he has two parents who aren't very fond of mornings either! Most mornings he sleeps until 8am. So for Elijah to be wide awake at 6:45...I just knew it was going to be an interesting day. But we got up, got dressed and started the day. We have a pretty good morning routine: Elijah gets some animal crackers in his orange cup and watered down juice to keep him pacified until his oatmeal has cooked and cooled. Usually, this goes very well. Today, however, it did not. Elijah was climbing on a chair and fell off the chair face first...into the kitchen floor. We were lucky enough to not have blood but by the time I picked him up off the floor, he had a huge fat lip. And because he was so upset, he wouldn't let me do anything for him. He didn't even want to be held! So I let him cry it out and the…