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10 years = tenure?

Last week, I called my boss and told him that I really needed to work in a store closer to home. I explained that I was gone for too many hours a day and that I wanted to be closer so that I had more time to spend with Elijah (and Adam of course, but the baby-baby needs me...). I told him that I had really given this north side drive a try and it was just wearing on me. Plus, there were/are some "in-store issues" that were making work difficult, one of which was that the store manager...Tom M...was scheduling me for an 11am to 9pm shift. C'mon! Even though I got out of work on Sunday by 7pm, by the time I got home shortly after 8, Adam had already had to put a very fussy Elijah to bed. I went to bed Sunday night feeling very my job. Tom C (my boss) said to call him Monday...yesterday...and he would see what he could work out for me. So I patiently waited.

Now, yesterday was a particularly tough day at work. It was really busy and it was VERY warm and humid.…